30-Day Drawing Challenge! Group Six - DONE!

DONE! DONE! DONE! Last group! Well, it's been quite an interesting past 30 days, some days were definitely more fun than others, and some days I just had more time to work on it - but I loved the experience and learned a lot.  I think I started developing a really fun drawing style that I plan on working with in the future. My favorite out of this group was day 27 - mostly because I'm in it.

26. A Comic


27. Last request if the world was ending

 (So if the world was ending - I'd just try to go to another world)

28. A MEME fight

 (It's going to be a quick fight)

29. A greeting card drawn with non-dominant hand

 (Brings me back to the days of poor motor skills...)

30. A banner celebrating being DONE!



30-Day Drawing Challenge! Group Five

Group number five! Ok so I've really gotten hooked on the whole colored paper with pen/ink and whiteout. I decided that doing a book cover to a book I've never read would be more interesting than redesigning one where I already know everything about it. Also, have you taken a re-read of Jack and Giant Beanstalk recently? In the version where the giant didn't kill his father and terrorize the village - it's just a story of a kid who is invading this man's home, stealing from him, and eventually killing him, ie: Jack's the bad guy! Anyways, points to anyone who knows who Lord Jabu Jabu is without googling it.

21. A Monument coming to life and wreaking havoc


22. Redesign a book cover

 (*I've never read it - but it's how I imagine they look the whole time)

23. A freaking baby

 (A freaking baby freaking out)

24. A fairy tale


25. A doodle

(My doodle ended up looking like Lord Jabu Jabu)


30-Day Drawing Challenge! Group Four

Group number four! I had a lot of fun going back to prismacolor markers for the Jedi drawing, but I was saddened to find out I had quite a few drying out... which is unfortunate when they cost like $4 a marker.  The battlesuit is my favorite drawing of this bunch, I'm really liking using a colored paper with marker/ink and whiteout/white paint pen.  It's bringing me back to me drawing classes where we used colored paper with black charcoal and chalk/white conti. Well, that's all for now, see you soon!        

 16. Influential person as a Jedi Master

 (Socrates! Though it sort of just looks like Obi-Wan...)

  17. A battlesuit designed for a mundane task

 (Spreading "Iz Not Butter")

 18. Zodiac sign as a warrior or wizard

 (Warhammer-Beastman inspired ARIES ram warrior)

 19. A pirate

 (Come on! Come on! Let's go space truckin'!)

20. An elderly person doing Kung-Fu

(The retirement home was never the same)


"Your art has value"

Ok, I'm running a little behind on scanning up the next batch of drawings, but I'm going to try to get around to them tomorrow.  Until then I would like to share an article that a friend and fellow illustrator shared with me.  It's a great bit of advice to other illustrators (or really anyone in the art field) about how to avoid bad clients.  The message here is this, don't work for nothing or for cheap clients, many times I've had people ask me about some potential work only to be surprised/angry/confused as to why I would quote them a price that was more than the $40 they planned on spending. So go ahead, it's a quick read and full of some good information: A Steady Diet of Bad Clients


Portrait of a girl

 (Pen and Ink)

Just a stylized portrait practice for a potential future project.


30-Day Drawing Challenge! Group Three

Group three! Half-way done! Day 14 gave me a good excuse to revisit a sketch I had done some time ago. Also, hurray for crayons!

11. Non-threatening super-villain

 (He hates bubbles!)

  12. A man-eating plant

 (Feed me Seymour!)

 13. A flying vehicle

 (Flying city)

 14. A zombie

 (You Block-Head!)

15. A robot



30-Day Drawing Challenge! Group Two

Ok so here we go, group number two.  Admittedly some of these get a little more time than the others, depends on the kind of day I'm having and how much work I have to do.  Also, the 5-minute "blind" Batman drawing is my favorite of the bunch - I should try doing more drawings with my eyes closed.

 6. Closed-eyes drawing of Batman


  7. A real or fake dinosaur

 (All I could think of was "Reptar on Ice")

 8. Something changing/evolving/transforming/morphing

 (Seriously...who would have thought that Magikarp could evolve into something so cool?!)

 9. A favorite food as a "Gift from the Gods"

 (Well I decided to go with Mario's favorite food at his time of need)

10. A super-hero with a "useless" superpower

(With the ability to shrink the size of his legs!)