Leap Day William

(Ink and Marker)

Happy Leap Day!  In celebration of our "extra" day, I decided that I wanted to do a quick sketch of "Leap Day William".  If you don't know who Leap Day William is, check out the latest episode of 30 Rock.  That's all for now folks!


Kickin' off the New Year: February-style

Well, it's good to be back.  I realize my "brief" pause turned into a much, MUCH longer one, but I'm back and time to get on track.  Taking one month off during a much needed break from college turned into two....  So, "What's new Vic?" you might ask.  Well I have a couple of new things goin' on.  First-off, I have a new position at Central Connecticut State University (where I'm going to grad-school for art education) as the Art Department's Graduate Assistant.  I kicked off the semester helping out with the "Figures" exhibit at Central's art gallery and met the showing artists.  It was a really great experience getting my feet wet with working in a gallery.  Next on my plate is an album cover for my friend, Andrew Shea, who will be releasing his new EP later this month.  You can check out his Facebook page HERE.  Ok, enough words, time for a picture:


I wanted to do a new self-portrait that related to me currently.  Over the holidays I was showered with a slew of new video games: Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City, Gears of War 3, and an Xbox Kinect.  So it's pretty easy to see how I may have gotten side-tracked and taken a break from the blog for a while....but I suppose you can only play video games for so long right?  Well, until next time!