(He's the best at what he does)



(Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!)

Well I've been working on a series of works that I'll be posting as I get them finished. I'm trying something new here and using only a Micron .01 pen for these works. In fact this work helped to inspire the style I used for the Day 24 - Wolverine + Superman = ? drawing from the 30 - Day Challenge.


30 - Day Drawing Challenge List

I figured I would post up the list for any of you who are curious or would like to try out this particular challenge.The the list the was created by me and fellow artist Kelley Griffin. We combined some of our ideas with those we found online and borrowed from other lists. Enjoy!


Day 30 - What Computer Printers Will Look Like in 30 Years

"What computer printers will look like in 30 years"

(Yes. I DO know that it says "in 30 years")

WOW. Done. Done done done done done. It's been a fun 30-days with this drawing challenge. I've had a chance to really do some interesting drawings, some I loved, some I didn't have much time for and were done hurriedly, and some I spent WAY too much time on. All in all, I'm glad I stuck with it, but for now I'm going to take a break drawing challenges and just bury my head in some regular 'ole sketchbook/art project work, I have a few things I've been working on, some I've been putting off until the challenge is over. Expect to see some new works up in the near future. Thanks for taking a look!


Day 29 - Yourself As a Cyborg

"Yourself as a cyborg"

(Ready for anything!)


Day 28 - Something I'm Afraid Of

"Something I'm afraid of"

(20 hours into the game and BAM!)

Ok. I know. It's not something truly terrible or life-altering, nor something anyone should fear, but it's pretty upsetting when you find out that game file you just spent the past 5 weeks on is gone... and if you ever want to complete the game you're going to need to play it all over again - even that really really tough part that took you a couple of hours, oh and that tedious boring part, yeah, going to need to replay that part too. See? Pretty awful stuff.


Day 27 - A Horrible Monument

"A horrible monument"

(This is only the top part of the thing.)

Well I was a bit stumped on this one, until I read about the monument to the great fire of London.  Officially 4-6 people died in this great fire in 1666, According to sources online a total of 7 people have died as a result of falling off the top of this giant 202 ft column. I think that makes it a pretty horrible monument.


Day 26 - Something Flying That Shouldn't

"Something flying that shouldn't"

(Now we must ask ourselves, "Why is it flying?")


Day 25 - Zentangle


(...and the art of motorcycle maintenance)