What's not to like about knights?

(Marker and Watercolor)

I made a day trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City with some friends a few weeks ago. Now this place has so many things that you can get lost for weeks and barely see everything, in fact every time I go I end up "discovering" a new exhibit that's apparently been around for years. However, every time I go I always take a stop at the armory, In particular the suits of armor always have interested me, and I can't really fathom how much time, work, and money these suits commanded when they were created. I decided to do a couple of practice drawings with a .005 black micron marker pen. Nothing too special here, just a quick brush-up on some technical skill.


Does this make me famous?

The final project for our illustration class was to illustrate Peace Corps posters, in honor of their 50th anniversary. UCONN covered our endeavors in a brief article here. (You can see my hand!) Here is the final render of my poster design. We got some great feedback from a guest art director/illustrator during our final critique and when I get some time (and motivation) I want to go back and make some changes. But here it is in the "finished" form.

(Digital Media)