Dusting Off The Cobwebs

Whoa. It's been quite some time since I've posted anything - so today I have a small teaser snapshot of some work I've been developing.  I've recently set up a new studio space that I am very happy about and makes for a much more conducive art environment. Without further ado below is a sneak peek at what is most likely going to be has already become a very time-consuming project (But it's a ton of fun!)



Brock Samson VS. Thor (Again!)


So who do you think would win? The Marvel superhero God of Thunder OR the one-half Swedish, one-quarter Polish, one-quarter Winnebago murder machine Venture Bros. bodyguard? I did a quick sketch some time ago: Old Brock and Thor Sketch and I really wanted revisit that idea because it was a lot of fun.


This Sunday, July 28th, I will be at The Brass City Comic Con in artists alley so come visit! And of course I will have prints of this legendary battle for sale.

The convention details:
Date: Sunday, July 28th
Time: 10am - 6pm
Location: Naugatuck Valley Community College - Chase Parkway, Waterbury, Ct
Admission: $2.99 OR come in costume and admission is FREE! (children under 12 free) 


Pacific Rim Kaiju Sketch


I REALLY enjoyed Pacific Rim, so I whipped up a quick sketch of my favorite kaiju, nicknamed "Leatherback"


Megaman X Boss Fight


This piece went through a few different ideas before I came up with this one.  The most fun part of this drawing (for me at least) was creating all the various objects in the piles of rubble, there's a little bits of tribute to everything in there.  The *cough* "FINAL" *cough* showdown between Megaman X and Sigma!


Albert Einstein Quote

"True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist."

-Albert Einstein.


Brass City Comic Convention 2013!

Hey all, I will be at the Brass City Comic Convention again this year with another table so come visit!  I'll be selling some comics and brand new prints. You can find more information on the official website here: Brass City Comic Convention. It's happening on Sunday, July 28th. I'll be in the Connecticut Artist Alley with some other talented locals. Hope to see you there!


Taming The Beast


This piece started off as a sketch but by the time I realized what I wanted to do with it I noticed that it was off-center...so off to the lightbox!  After tracing the image over and setting up the scene I was able to really set the mood that I wanted to convey.


Sir Astronaut


Going back to the brush pen on this one.  No long-winded story here, I'm going to go ahead and let the picture speak for itself.


Louis C.K. Quote

"To me, art supplies are always ok to buy."

-Louis C.K.


Protoman Sketch

(Ink, Pen, and Marker)

I always thought Protoman was pretty cool, I know he's a playable character in Mega Man 9&10 but I still think it would be awesome if he got his own video game.




Well no Navi here to yell at this link. To be honest I think that the first Zelda game for the old NES was one of the more difficult games in the series, I've never beaten it.


The Mighty Morphin Green Power Ranger!


So I've been busy working away at more paintings, drawings, and whatnot over the past few weeks.  After finishing the last portrait I was trying to think of who (or what) I really wanted to paint next.  Well I've been on bit of a nostalgia trip recently - after finding some of my old Power Ranger toys in the attic and an old illustrated book entitled "Power Rangers" by a 7-year-old me.  It's a multiple paged book typed up on, you guessed it, a typewriter! Because we still had those at our school when I was in 1st grade.  On each page I illustrated a scene about the Power Rangers that I so dearly loved, in an attempt to tell almost two seasons worth of story.  Anywho, below is the cover (it's seen better days) to that story.

(Construction paper, Marker, Pipecleaner, Assorted stickers, Fluffy poof balls, buttons, stamps, glitter)


Superman VS General Zod


Well I had originally intended to post another project today, but in lieu of having just watched Man of Steel the other night I decided to whip up a Superman drawing.  I really enjoyed the movie, I've seen some articles complaining that it was just a big 'ole punching match, but to be honest, that's exactly what I want to see in a Superman movie. I'm not interested in Superman "outsmarting" his enemies, I want to see him punch things. *SPOILER* - Superman and General Zod fight.

So anywho below is my process in creating these images. They all begin as a blue pencil sketch which I ink over. The image is then scanned, I turn the scan into line art (ie: remove the white background) and proceed to color the image in photoshop. I begin by just blocking in the colors so I can use them as a basis for layer masks that I create for highlights/shadows. I use layer masks because it is a process of non-desructive editing - meaning if I "erase" something using the layer mask, I can go back and remove the mask exposing whatever I had "erased"- it's all still there. After coloring is complete I apply an appropriate texture layer to enhance the work.


Flying Whale


It's a flying sperm whale/narwhal with feathers, or something...


I'm the Baby, Gotta Love Me!


Now I know it's not the actual baby from Dinosaurs, but I did just happen to stumble across the show on Netflix the other day - I gotta say it's a lot different watching shows like that as an adult vs. having watched them as a child growing up. 


Oh hey! A Tree!


I've been updating my website and this blog over the past few days and of course, I've been making art too! This is another sketch that I scanned in and colored digitally. I have a few more that are up on my portfolio site that I'll be posting here soon.


Another Portrait!


So here's the other one.


Another Self Portrait


Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last post and I've been working on a few projects (and continuously starting new ones).  So here is my latest completed one, a self-portrait.  I'm trying to play around with a few techniques I've been developing.  I'm probably a third of the way done with the next one I've already started, so expect another one in the near future.


Now in Technicolor!

Well it's been a little while since my last post - I've been pretty busy as of late but I had some time to sit down and scan a couple of page out of my sketchbook that I was really pleased with.  Threw these sketches into photoshop to add some color, so take a look!




Equal Rights

So I want to share this piece that I showed a few months ago for the first time in the Art Educators show.  This idea was conceived some years ago as a print and was refined as a set of 3 12x12 paintings.  The title is the same, "Family".  I don't know why I've never gotten around to posting it, but in light of the current case against proposition 8 in the Supreme Court I felt now was an appropriate time to share this work.  This photo was taken as it was hanging in the Art Educators Art Show.

(Acrylic Paint on Wood)


Dead Space Update

Hey all, I've been getting some work done on this Dead Space piece little by little, so below is an update of some screenshots that I've grabbed as I've been working.  It's slowly coming together... that is everything but his hands - I really should have at least blocked them in by now but I've been getting distracted by everything else...so I think they are next on the list.  But then again... Isaac doesn't really need his hands to stomp necromorphs.



Well I've been working diligently in my sketchbook - so here's a look at another sketch creation.  But seriously I think I now use my iPad more than my Macbook - it's just a lot more convenient.  In fact I think I'm going to start scanning my black and white sketches via iPad.  I used an app to scan the one below, doesn't look bad at all eh?



Deadly but Friendly

Just another sketch I whipped up not much to say on this one, just take a look!



Dead Space Work in Progress 2

Hey all, sorry for the lack of an update on this. I've been a little sick the past couple of days.  But here ya go! Still needs A LOT of work, but it's comin along.

(Digital Media)

And here is the progress shot from my previous post:


Darksiders II Death Sketch

Well I'm still working on the Dead Space piece but I decided I needed a break from it so I could come back to it with fresh eyes and renewed energy - in the mean time I've been working in the sketchbook and doing a little bit of digital sketching.  Below is a sketch of Death from Darksiders II, just something really quick - 20ish minutes.

(Digital Media)


Another Sketch

Not quite sure what or who he is, but with those sunglasses and that pencil mustache who wouldn't like him?



Cheshire Cat Sketch

Hey all, just wanted to post a little sketch I whipped up.  I totally didn't plan on doing a Cheshire Cat sketch... but hey it happens!



Dr. Horrible Sketch

Ok I know I'm really behind on this one... but I've finally watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!  I have to say I'm a huge fan, I've already watched it 3 times in a week, so I whipped up a quick sketch.  Now time to sit tight and wait for the the sequel.

(Pen/Ink/Marker on Bristol Board)


The Room Posters Now For Sale!!!

Due to a number of inquiries about the posters I created, they are now for sale HERE.  Take a look!


Dead Space Work in Progress

Hey all! Hope everyone else on the east coast here is doing well in lieu of Storm Nemo. Since I've been home due to the weather I've find some time to start my next project. I've always wanted to do a Dead Space piece - and with all the commercials and advertising for Dead Space 3 I've decided now is a pretty good time to actually get to work on it. I'm sticking to the original engineer outfit from the first game since it's so iconic and, in my opinion is really a hallmark of the desperate fight for survival (after all, it's not a soldiers RIG, it's an adapted engineer RIG). Anyways, below is the work-in-progress sketch of a necromorph's point of view...

(Digital Media)


The Room

Hey all, today I have a few pieces I've been working on for the movie "The Room".  Dubbed the "Citizen Kane" of bad movies, The Room is a 2003 independent film directed by (and starring) Tommy Wiseau.  These posters were created digitally in photoshop.

*EDIT: I'm going to look into seeing what it would take to make these available if there is enough of an interest.

**EDIT: I'm currently setting up an online store to sell these as prints, expect them to be available at the end up the day. Check back for updates. Thanks!

***EDIT: These are now for sale! Take a look: Buy Them HERE