Sketch Dump

Hey guys - I've been workin' in the sketchbook pretty regularly and I just wanted to share a few pages from it. Below are a few of my more recent drawings. I've been working along the lines of creative / intuitive / zentangle drawings. I did these sketches with pen and marker, but enough of that, I'll let the drawings speak for themselves...


Spider-Man Sketch


Well the title pretty much says it all. Someone asked me to do a Spider-Man sketch so I decided it was a good excuse to break out the watercolors and play around a little. Nothing too out of the ordinary here, just Spidey sittin' around in his sweatshirt. More updates coming soon. Come to think of it - I think I also still have a lot of artwork from my last semester at UCONN to upload...


A Little Overdue

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates - thanks for being so patient! I've been pretty busy recently, so let me fill you in.  For those of you not interested at all by what I've been up to - just scroll down and take a look at the art, it's probably more interesting anyways.

Recent updates in the life of Vic:

Besides losing power for a week due to that freakish snowstorm we got in October I have been ridiculously busy with school, frankly the work load has been running me dry and I've lost motivation to do little else than sleep and watch TV in my (rare) instances of downtime. For those of you unaware: I am currently attending Central Connecticut State University as a graduate student pursuing a teaching certification in art (ie: being able to teach art classes in public schools grades K-12). Besides the regular routine of going to class I am also required to do field work/observations at various public schools in the state. I have to say, the hands-on experiences are some of the most important educational elements to learning about being a teacher. Not only am I sharing some of my experience with students, but I am learning new things from them as well. Alright, well enough of that, onto the art stuff!

Art Stuff:

As aforementioned, I've been so busy I haven't had a lot of time, nor been motivated to do a whole lot of personal art. I have a lot I want to share, though unfortunately I am not currently in possession of it (much of it has been submitted for class). No worries though, I do have a few things to share.  In addition to some of that artwork, I tried my hand at a daily sketch log/sketch journal/ whatever you want to call it. I was really inspired by fellow Uconn graduate and illustrator Adam Del Re, you can see his work here: lifeDRAWINGS. I had a lot of fun in the beginning, and I learned a lot, it was quite the experience.  But, to be completely honest, as school/work/life took it's toll I became unmotivated and it became more of a burden trying to keep up with it on a daily basis rather than something I looked forward to doing. I think I'm going to dive back into the idea and do something with it.  I'll probably share a few in another blog post. Ok so let's take a look at what I've got:


This is a Zentangle.  I won't really get into it too much, it was something simple and colorful that the students I was working with were doing, so I sat down and worked with them for a short time and made this. Zentangles are traditionally more complex and interesting, but this was just a quick assignment to get a feel for what the students were doing while conversing with them about their experiences in class.

 (Ink/Colored Pencil)

This is a Creative Line drawing that was assigned in one of my art classes. Each of us grabbed a piece of paper and drew one line, the papers were shuffled up and randomly distributed to us. We were to take the line drawn on the paper and create a drawing and color it using colored pencils. The line i was given was made into the outline of the creature's head - starting on the left-side of the page, into the opening of the mouth, and around the top of his head to the right-hand side of the page. I traced over the pencil line with ink and added in my own features (teeth, tongue, eye, nostril, squares in the background, etc) and then colored it in with colored pencil. It was actually pretty enjoyable.


This is an intuitive drawing I did while working with students. It was their assignment for the day, they had a variety of media to work with but I went with the crayons - because quite honestly I like working with them (nostalgia perhaps?) Anyways this was fun and therapeutic - just drawing without any goal - considering my recent levels of stress I gravitated toward this style and created the following:


This one is the result of de-stressing right after a major exam in class. I really liked the use of the black in this.  I've always liked the quality of outlining things (obviously not appropriate in all art) so I use it often, also maybe it's a way of sticking it to professors who claimed that black/outlining were inappropriate to fine art.


Scanning this one really doesn't do it justice to just how bright and vivid the colors are. I'm disappointed with how it looks on-screen. I did this one sitting around at night before bed. Exploring using some imagery that's less than abstract (ie: the eyes), but still not going for anything realistic or defined.

Thanks for hangin' in there, I know that was a long post! I'll be getting up some more work soon!