Some revision work.

(Digital Media)

Well I took a little time to revise and edit my Peace Corps poster design taking into account some of the critique I received. I had wanted to go back and make some changes, but the real push to do this was due to an upcoming event where my poster along with the other posters created by illustration students are to be displayed in a 50th anniversary commemoration. You can see a short description of the event HERE. This is Connecticut's only official Peace Corps anniversary celebration and will be taking place in the Dodd center at the University of Connecticut, 4-6pm on Wednesday, March 2nd. Senator Dodd as well as past volunteers will be there to celebrate. I'm pretty excited about this event, it's a pretty big deal, especially that our posters helped to spark this whole thing.


A time to learn, a time to teach.

This coming Monday, February 21st a few students including myself are giving adobe photoshop/illustrator tutorials to various students. The even is hosted by UCONN's illustration club, which has really taken off since its birth only last year. I'm looking forward to this, as I use photoshop a lot when it comes to my illustration work, and I'm more than happy to show other students some tricks and tips when it comes to using the program. On the other side of the coin, I'm looking forward to learning a few things from some of my fellow students. Both of these programs are enormous and there are practically limitless ways to do anything, so it'll be nice to see what everyone has to teach. Below is the flyer for the event, made by Amanda Brayman, you can see the design HERE on her blog. The artwork on the flyer is done by the four speakers. From left to right on the flyer --> Myself, Jake Anderson, Mitch Bilodeau, and Shaun Kelly.


It's processed in a good way.

Well here it is folks, a look at one of the pages from my upcoming graphic novel. I'm a few months in, and it should be finished up pretty soon. Below is a look at the process that one of these pages goes through. For those of you unfamiliar with what happens - the pages are penciled out, inks are then drawn directly on top of the pencils, the pencils are erased, the pages are scanned, and colored digitally. I'm really excited about this book, it's a little over a year in the making, from initial character designs, to story, and final development. Take a look and I hope you enjoy!

(Pencils on Bristol Board)

(Inks on top of Pencils)

(Digital Colors)