Get Low for LIMBO!

(Ink and Watercolor)

So I decided to do a little sketch of the unnamed character from "LIMBO." It was a really fun game and I really enjoyed the attention to detail and overall look of the game. After introducing the game to a friend and watching him play it I was inspired to draw something. Poor kid has to go through some pretty messed up trials to survive.  (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game - it's a trial-by-death sort of puzzle/adventure game.)


Look it's a Chair!

(Ink and Watercolor)


Just trying my hand at something different here - something a little more technical.  Illustration of a folding chair in my house. Pretty average process: Pencil sketch --> Ink lines --> Watercolor

Until next time!


Just Here for the Demo...lition

(Digital Media)

Hey everybody! Just wanted to share a new sketch I whipped up on my iPad. Like a lot of my other sketches it just popped up from doodling some lines and picking out some shapes. Did this one in the Procreate app I bought some time back.  I wish it had an option to adjust hue/saturation like photoshop, but I guess it's hard to be picky about a $5 app that lets me draw on a mobile device. Below is a picture someone snapped of me working on the sketch.

(Photo courtesy of Faith Perdue)


I'm Baman!

(Digital Media)

Today I'd like to share my portrait of the famous BAMAN! No, I didn't spell that wrong... I mean Baman, you know, best friend of Piderman? Well in case you don't know what I'm talking about - I think you need to check these out: Youtube - Baman and Piderman.  I've watched these episodes more times than I can count and I really, really like them, so I wanted to do a bit of tribute art to these guys:

(Created By Lindsay Small and Alex Butera)

I think this means that I need to do one for Piderman too...
Anyways, for those interested in the works in progress stuff, I did remember to take some screenshots, especially because this particular piece took many hours.  So without further ado, below is some work in progress shots.

(In Progress Shots)


braver Now Available!

As promised, I just wanted to update with a link to Andy's album: andyshea.bandcamp.com
Check out the previous post to see the album art I created for it.

But seriously, you should check out the songs.

...You know you want to.


Andy Shea's "braver" Album Cover Art

(Mixed Media)

Hey all, just thought I'd post this up.  It's the final cover art for my good friend Andy Shea's new album, "braver", he'll be releasing the album one June 12th, so stay posted for a link to his album.  This was a lot of fun, and was a little challenging - we brainstormed a number of ideas and went through a few rounds of thumbnails and comps.  It was fun to try something a little different, combining watercolor, ink, crayon, along with some digital work.  And let me tell you, stick around and check out the songs when they're released, they sound great!


Beaker the Muppet-Torch

(Ink, Pen, and Marker)

Well I'm interested in making this a series, it started with the Spider-Kermit. (see blog post: HERE). So I'd like to present Beaker as Fantastic Four's, The Human Torch. I can only picture him screaming "EEP MEEP MEE MEEEEEP!" as he "Flames-on".  Stay posted for more Muppet superheroes!