Missing : Mario and Luigi

Well I was sketching in my book and one of the shapes took the form of the Piranha Plant from Super Mario. From there I decided it would be fun to just sketch some more baddies from Nintendo's flagship series. I have to say some of these enemies that Mario (and Luigi - sorta) have to overcome are pretty interesting. Of course over the years there have been TONS of new baddies for this plumbing duo to overcome, but I selected a few that stuck out in my memory.  So who do you think is the biggest threat?

 Piranha Plant: Just got to watch pipes for these guys.

 Bomb-Omb: Child friendly suicide bomber

 Boo-Buddy: Patience is the key, considering you can't hurt them.

 Bullet-Bill: Not sure if he wants to eat Mario or put a hole through him.

 Goomba: Ok I know he can walk, but seriously, how is he dangerous?!

 Koopa-Troopa: General Shock-Troops with a few neat variations.

 Lakitu: Ok this guy was a pain. Even if you managed to miraculously take him out, he reappeared.

 Podoboo: These guys seemed to pop up every time you tried to jump over a pit in one of Bowser's castles.

Shy Guy: I just think these guys are fun looking.


Brought to you by the letter "G"

(Ink and Marker)

Well I've started work into a new sketchbook, and I'm hittin' the ground running so to speak. I'm already starting to fill it up with a bunch of new sketches and weird drawings. The above picture is one of those odd drawings, that frankly, I don't know if I could just come up with off the top of my head without the process that goes into creating it. I like to do a lot of random drawings in my sketchbook that have no basis in anything other than just making it for fun. For these drawings, I typically start off with non-photo blue pencil and start sketching some random lines, OR begin with something like a letter of the alphabet (Like the letter "G" for example as seen in the above sketch). From there I ink it in and adjust the drawing as it starts to form, and finally color it in with my Prismacolor markers.


Rewind to vacation (I wish)

Well I finally got around to scanning a couple of sketches I did on vacation. I had a great time, and I got along great with my family - though, it's fun to do some drawings of them. So not a whole lot to explain here. I think the images speak for themselves. All done in my sketchbook, pen and ink.


Well he IS quite a character

(Ink and Marker)

I feel this one is going to need some explanation.  The guy in the above picture is my good friend and fellow artist, Trevor Schulz.  Trevor put together a little group for some of us recent graduates so we could keep up on work, give critique, and support each other. In addition, we would create little "assignments" to keep us in an illustration mind-set. (Plus it's fun).  I had suggested as our next assignment we would draw a favorite character. Well, it wasn't long before someone suggested that Trevor would make an excellent "favorite character" drawing. Sarah did her drawing, then Jack, and of course I had to set my original idea aside and follow suit. Here's the links to some more drawings of Trevor:

Sarah's Drawing - sarahlouiselovesart.blogspot.com

Jack's Drawing - thejackboyd.blogspot.com

Jacob's Drawing - jacobandersonart.blogspot.com

You can find the ever-loveable Trevor's facebook page HERE


Who's the joke on?

(Digital Media)

Well I recently bought/played/beat the video game "Batman: Arkham Asylum."  I know it's been out for quite some time, but I only played it for the first time a week ago. I won't sit here and review and rant about how great of a game it was, but it was good enough that it made me want to draw the Joker. The trick is, I have a few projects on the list already, so rather than bump the list and spend time on a long drawing, I gave myself about 30 minutes to do a quick digital sketch. Nothing fancy here, just a close-up of his face to get it out of my system, so-to-speak. All done in Adobe Photoshop (I wish they would pay me to say that haha).


Sneak Attack!

(Ink and Digital Media)

Well I was just messin' around in my sketchbook and this little guy formed out of it. At first I was thinking something along the lines of "Oh the robot is going to interact with some life on Earth and really appreciate it.", but that seemed kind of corny, so I figured as much as he might seem intrigued by the butterfly... he was really out to capture it the whole time. Guess you need to have weird thought processes like that sometimes? Anyways, I scanned the image and threw it into photoshop, where I added the halftone pattern.


Some updating...

Hey all, sorry for the delay on putting up some new sketches/work. But I've been busy updating this blog layout (as you may have noticed), and creating my deviantART account. Which you can find HERE, or just click the button at the top right hand part of the screen (at least that's where it is for now, as of this post...) I have a few new pieces in the works that I'm excited to share once they're complete! Until then I'd like to leave you with this quote by an unknown author:

"Let me ask you something, what is not art?"


Dance to the music

(Ink and Watercolor)

Well I've been having a lot of fun with watercolor now that I've been playing with them again. The image I created (above) was inspired and based off of a photograph I found online (so I don't own the copyrights to the original image - just to be clear), so I wanted to do something fun with it. I first started by drawing the figure in pencil, making the drawing took some time, and even though pencil lines aren't part of the final image, it was well worth the time to make sure the drawing was good. Without a good under-drawing, it's hard to have a good finished product. I then colored the main part of the figure in black ink and followed up with the various ink and watercolor splashes. All in all, it took a few hours, though a lot of that was drying time.


Some more watercolor practice

(Ink and Watercolor)

Well that last Airman sketch really got me back into wanting to do some more watercolor work. This one isn't *quite* Megaman themed... This was an experiment in playing around with different colors and honestly just trying to have a lot of fun with a portrait type image. This is painted on some Rives BFK paper which I typically used for printmaking, but I had some left over and I have found that the paper does a wonderful job of absorbing moisture without warping too much, which is a problem I have found with a lot of cheaper watercolor paper.


He might blow you away

(Ink and Watercolor)

Well got a new Megaman themed sketch today. Someone on my facebook page asked me if I had done any pics of Airman, and well... I hadn't, so of course, I had to. I haven't really played around with watercolor too recently so I decided to break them out for this piece. If anyone has any more ideas or something they would like to see me draw leave me a post on my facebook page and I'll see what I can do!

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