Favorite now Available!

Hey all. My comic, "Favorite" is now available for sale online at Indy Planet! Thanks for all the support and to fans of the book! I kept the price at the absolute minimum allowed - I want to keep the price low and accessible to everyone. Take a look, there's a preview of the first few pages on the site.


BFA 2011 Success

Opening Reception - Gallery entrance
(Photo Courtesy of Rochelle BaRoss)

Wow. The opening night of the 2011 BFA show was amazing. A quick thanks to everyone who came and made it such a success! There was quite a turn-out, the crowd numbered in the hundreds and I've heard nothing but compliments and congratulations on the show on behalf of all of the seniors who worked so hard. It was a hectic week of getting the show all ready, but without a doubt, worth every minute of stress. The show will be up until at least May 4th, and potentially longer. If you haven't yet checked out the show...you should. It's located at:

Art Space Gallery, 480 Main Street - Willimantic, CT


It's Here!

(Finally Here!)

Well, it finally came in! I now have in-hand, 10 copies of "Favorite" ready for the BFA Show. And I have even more on the way as a second shipment, those should be coming in the next week or so. The books look great, I'm really happy with how they came out. I'll have some for sale online soon (I hope) and I'll keep you all updated when that happens.


Dan Dos Santos

Well, I'm still waiting to get my shipment. It's been delivered, but is taking it's sweet time getting processed and sent to the right building, so no updates on how the finished product looks just yet. But I do have some other news. Last night Uconn Illustration club invited guest artist, Dan Dos Santos, to speak to us about his work, process, and experience in the field. His presentation was great and was interesting as well as funny, there were a lot of little "life-lessons" and "make sure you don't do this" thrown in and I think we're all the better for learning from his experiences. His work is phenomenal and he brought in a couple of his pieces for us to get a closer look at. I highly recommend you check out some of his work on his website: www.dandossantos.com


BFA 2011

(Digital Work over Photo)
(Photo of Bansky work; logo design by UCONN BFA 2011 Design Team)

Hey all! I should be getting my shipment of "Favorite" tomorrow, I'll post an update when I get them and let you know how they look (besides awesome - obviously.) Upcoming is the 2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibit. This show is the culmination of years of college work by seniors from the Fine Arts program (including myself), and showcases some of the best work we've ever done. There's going to be work from roughly 60 artists, music, food, and a ton of people. The opening is Friday, April 15, at: Art Space Gallery, 480 Main Street - Willimantic, CT. The reception will be from 6-8pm and features food from Hard Rock Cafe and other local vendors as well as a live DJ from WHUS. Come and join us, it's gonna be a blast! If you can't make the opening - the show will run from April 15th to May 4th, so you should definitely check it out. Above is a quick little advertisement for the show I threw together using some Banksy work and the BFA 2011 logo design. Below is a link to the BFA 2011 website. Take a look: