The Lich Snail

The school year has begun! I've been rather busy in the past week with the first week of art classes underway. Admittedly I'll have just a little less time than I did during the summer for art pieces, but I'll still be posting regular updates with some work - in fact I have quite a few works I haven't had a chance to share yet (especially more Adventure Time works). Today's sketch is the Lich-possessed snail from Adventure Time. Did you know that the snail appears in *EVERY* episode of Adventure Time?

Original art available in my store.


Busy Busy Busy

Well I've been pretty busy recently, between working on a few of my own illustration pieces, art for Minion, and some sketches (mostly Adventure Time ones for now...). So here's a quick snapshot of my drawing desk (you'll see more of those drawings in the future).

For my smaller sketches like most of my recent Adventure Time works I've been working on 9x12 Bristol Board, pencil first, and then inks and marker on top. With the larger illustration pieces I've generally been working out sketches, comps, and pencils digitally and printing them out in light blue on 11x17 Bristol Board, on which I then ink, scan the piece, and color digitally. I've tried inking digitally, and even bought Clip Studio Paint EX (also known as Manga Studio - though I believe they are in the process of switching their names over), but nothing beats inking traditionally for me.


Farmworld Finn the Human

So I just started seasons 5. I'm really amazed at how well done and well thought out this show is. It has truly surprised me and gone beyond my expectations. The Farmworld episode was pretty interesting, though more than anything else it made me like Simon Petrikov's character even more. He by far is my favorite in the series. This and other original art pieces available in my store.


The Green Power Ranger by Derek Hunter

So while I was at Boston Comic Con I spent most of my time checking out artist alley. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I sat in on an Adventure Time panel with a few people who worked on the comics/show. I love original art, so I asked Derek Hunter, a background artist for the show to draw one of my favorite childhood characters, the Green Power Ranger. I just got it in the mail and I'm really excited to hang it up in my studio space. You can check out Derek's website and work by clicking on this link!


The Earl of Lemongrab

Guess which episode in season 4 of Adventure Time I just watched?


Lumpy Space Princess

Well I've almost finished season 4 of Adventure Time. I'll more than likely just keep sketching some more Adventure Time characters while I watch the show. Today's lumping sketch is of the Lumpy Space Princess herself. I've added this and a bunch of other original art pieces to my store!


Sonic the Hedgehog Sketch

I don't think I've really drawn Sonic before, or at the very least not in a long time. While I was scanning my video game library I came upon "Sonic Generations" and ta-da! we have today's sketch. I'm currently working on a bunch of Minion card game art pieces right now, yesterday I finished sketching up and printing out 3 new ones. Now onto inking and coloring...


Just a study

Nothing too fancy today. I did a little portrait study digital painting in photoshop. It's far from a "finished" piece, it's got about 2 hours of work into it. No plans to go back and work on this.


Back to 2099!

So Marvel fairly recently (re)introduced Spider-Man 2099 into the main Spider-Man continuity/timeline and has his own new book. I've read a few 2099 stories but honestly had never read the first issues until today. I picked up a few of the original 90's issues with his origin. The story was surprisingly better than I had anticipated, though definitely had the 90's gritty element that comics all seemed to get swept up in. But for now it looks like Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara)  is stuck in present day New York until he can find a way to get back, back to the future!


Robin Williams - Genie

Yesterday brought us the sad news of Robin William's passing. His voice, characters, and comedy were so profound. I remember watching Aladdin when it first came out, and who didn't love Genie? The lovable goofiness and friendliness of Robin Williams will be greatly missed.


The Ice King

I just finished reading the Adventure Time Mathematical Edition and was feeling inspired to draw some more Adventure Time art. The Ice King has quickly become one of my favorite characters in the series.


Boston Comic Con

Hey everyone! I had a chance to go and check out the Boston Comic Con this past weekend. It was an awesome show and I had a blast checking out some really great art and sitting in on an Adventure Time panel (and meet the comic book illustrators, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb!) Of course I also stopped by to meet comic book legend, Neal Adams and get a signed Spider-Man print. I'm looking forward to a couple of pieces of art that should be arriving in the mail soon. I'm going to keep the details under wraps until then...


Minion Art - Wild Willy

Some more Minion art. This guy here is called "Wild Willy" I suppose he would have to be pretty crazy to come at you with a spark - I know I'd get out of his way.


Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAAAN!

I've been doing a lot of sketchbook drawings recently - it's not that I don't use it on a regular basis, but I've been working in it more than usual. I've already mentioned it before, but I find sketchbooks are some of the most important tools that I use. I sketch, doodle, draw, and write down ideas that I may forget later (so it's a good thing I documented it). Today's sketch is none other than the caped crusader himself - BATMAN! I recently watched a 3-part comic book documentary by PBS, it was really great - there was a ton of information and history on the industry that I was unaware of. If you're looking for info here's a link to the PBS site with episode descriptions: PBS SUPERHEROES



I couldn't draw Finn and not draw Jake. It's simplistic but it makes me happy to have an entire sketchbook page of Jake.


What Time is it?!


Guess who's been watching Adventure Time? I started and finished seasons 1 and 2 (currently up on Netflix) and I reallllllyyyyyy liked it. I had watched the Pilot more times than I can count years and years ago when that was first released and just never got around to watching the actual show - strange, I know. The good news is that there are 104 more episodes that I haven't seen yet, so the adventure isn't over yet! Today's work is just a drawing out of my sketchbook colored with marker.


Rocket Raccoon Sketch

I really think Guardians of the Galaxy hit it out of the park. It was a really funny, enjoyable, action-packed sic-fi/comic book movie. Without a doubt Rocket and Groot stole every scene. Here's a quick Rocket sketch colored with some of my new Prismacolor markers (hurray for new art materials!).