Cheshire Cat Sketch

Hey all, just wanted to post a little sketch I whipped up.  I totally didn't plan on doing a Cheshire Cat sketch... but hey it happens!



Dr. Horrible Sketch

Ok I know I'm really behind on this one... but I've finally watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!  I have to say I'm a huge fan, I've already watched it 3 times in a week, so I whipped up a quick sketch.  Now time to sit tight and wait for the the sequel.

(Pen/Ink/Marker on Bristol Board)


The Room Posters Now For Sale!!!

Due to a number of inquiries about the posters I created, they are now for sale HERE.  Take a look!


Dead Space Work in Progress

Hey all! Hope everyone else on the east coast here is doing well in lieu of Storm Nemo. Since I've been home due to the weather I've find some time to start my next project. I've always wanted to do a Dead Space piece - and with all the commercials and advertising for Dead Space 3 I've decided now is a pretty good time to actually get to work on it. I'm sticking to the original engineer outfit from the first game since it's so iconic and, in my opinion is really a hallmark of the desperate fight for survival (after all, it's not a soldiers RIG, it's an adapted engineer RIG). Anyways, below is the work-in-progress sketch of a necromorph's point of view...

(Digital Media)