Well I'm off to Tumblr...

Well I've had this blog for a good 4 years and unfortunately it's time to move away. Until now I've been posting on both this blog and my newer Tumblr account  - and truth be told...I like Tumblr better. I will no longer be updating this blog but I will keep it up and running for now.

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The Green Power Ranger and Doctor McNinja

So I had actually commissioned two drawings from the Boston Comic-Con. This one is another Green Power Ranger with Doctor McNinja by Kent Archer. I already have the piece hanging in my studio above my desk, sorry for the glare on the photo - it's from the frame. Kent is also a former inker on Doctor McNinja - you can see his website and work here: www.kentarcher.com


Ultra Vic

My father recently celebrated his 50th birthday and this year I wanted to make something special. Some of you may be familiar with a game called "City of Heroes." City of Heroes was an MMORPG, it was a lot like World of Warcraft, except it was superhero themed. The game opened in 2004 and captured my imagination as both a gamer and comic book/superhero fan. The game ran until 2012, and admittedly I lost interest as life got busy, however my father continued to play until the very last hours that the servers were still open. The game allowed players to create dozens of their own custom superheroes, so for my father's birthday I illustrated my father's favorite character, Ultra-Vic. Bonus points if you can identify the villain at the bottom of the picture.


The Lich Snail

The school year has begun! I've been rather busy in the past week with the first week of art classes underway. Admittedly I'll have just a little less time than I did during the summer for art pieces, but I'll still be posting regular updates with some work - in fact I have quite a few works I haven't had a chance to share yet (especially more Adventure Time works). Today's sketch is the Lich-possessed snail from Adventure Time. Did you know that the snail appears in *EVERY* episode of Adventure Time?

Original art available in my store.


Busy Busy Busy

Well I've been pretty busy recently, between working on a few of my own illustration pieces, art for Minion, and some sketches (mostly Adventure Time ones for now...). So here's a quick snapshot of my drawing desk (you'll see more of those drawings in the future).

For my smaller sketches like most of my recent Adventure Time works I've been working on 9x12 Bristol Board, pencil first, and then inks and marker on top. With the larger illustration pieces I've generally been working out sketches, comps, and pencils digitally and printing them out in light blue on 11x17 Bristol Board, on which I then ink, scan the piece, and color digitally. I've tried inking digitally, and even bought Clip Studio Paint EX (also known as Manga Studio - though I believe they are in the process of switching their names over), but nothing beats inking traditionally for me.


Farmworld Finn the Human

So I just started seasons 5. I'm really amazed at how well done and well thought out this show is. It has truly surprised me and gone beyond my expectations. The Farmworld episode was pretty interesting, though more than anything else it made me like Simon Petrikov's character even more. He by far is my favorite in the series. This and other original art pieces available in my store.


The Green Power Ranger by Derek Hunter

So while I was at Boston Comic Con I spent most of my time checking out artist alley. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I sat in on an Adventure Time panel with a few people who worked on the comics/show. I love original art, so I asked Derek Hunter, a background artist for the show to draw one of my favorite childhood characters, the Green Power Ranger. I just got it in the mail and I'm really excited to hang it up in my studio space. You can check out Derek's website and work by clicking on this link!