This This is Really Cool

(Picture of the a9 rig from the fundraising site)

A friend of mine showed me this fundraising campaign on indiegogo: Click HERE to check out the fundraiser.  It's an armature rig for artists (or really anyone that needs an armature for any reason).  From the images and video presentations it looks like a really useful tool and I thought it was worth a donation, so I've already pledged to get one of the large armatures.  These look way cooler than the traditional wooden ones art and crafts stores carry - without being ridiculously expensive.  Oh and the other cool thing about this fundraiser - no risk. If Kamal Siegel (the inventor) does not reach his goal everyone gets a refund, if he does reach his goal you get exactly what you pledged for - no "Well I didn't reach my goal so you don't get your pledge and I keep the money" on this fundraiser. Anyways, just wanted to share for anyone who might find this as useful as I do.


Art Educators 2012 Opening!

Opening reception November 29th 4-7, regular exhibition hours M-F 1-4
Come check it out! I put a couple of new pieces in it.


I Draw Some Pretty Weird Stuff

Well it's been a little while since my last post, so I wanted to update with some pages out of my sketchbook.  I just recently finished up some pieces for an art show (more details coming later) and I've been working a lot in my sketchbook; so in lieu of the pieces I created for the art show (because I don't have them at the moment) here are some sketch pages:

(Kind of a reminds me of an angry ditto)

(...oh hai there...)

(Hairless space-gorilla or something...)

(Someday I'll be a beautiful butterfly)

(Want to go on a date?)


Chair Persons

(Digital Media)

Just wanted to get around to posting up this digital painting I worked on. It's a group portrait via still-life. In this type of portrait it is important to convey a sense of the people involved through the use and arrangement of still-life (in this case chairs). After visiting the New Britain Museum of Art a few weeks back and checking out their digital illustration exhibit, I was inspired to try a work done in Corel Painter to give it a painterly feel that Photoshop doesn't do as well. Corel Painter is a pretty cool program, at least from what I can tell from using the "Essentials 4" version - I think it would be cool to see what's available in the professional version. Anywho, that's enough from me. Until next time!