Genesis Coupe Finished!

(Digital Media)

Hey all!  Well sittin here in Connecticut during Hurricane Sandy has given me some time to catch up on a long list of projects. So I made sure to finish this drawing up while I still had power (fingers crossed that I don't lose it as the lights keep flickering around me). Anywho, I'm glad I had a chance to sit down and finally finish this over the course of the past week. Below is a series of work-in-progress shots leading up to the final product you see above, take a look!


24-Hour Comic Book Day work

Hey everybody! So 24-Hour Comic Book Day was awesome! It was really great to sit down for an extended period of time with no goal other than making some art - plus I got to work alongside some other creators and it was a really great time.  Unfortunately I didn't make my goal of 24 completed pages; however I did quite a bit done and mostly finished. I have some edits and small changes I would like to make in addition to adding text to the pages themselves, but otherwise I'm a few pages closer to another comic. I bet you're asking yourself, "What was the most challenging part of the event?" Well, aside from trying to stay awake for 24 hours, it was the actual writing/creating/planning. Usually when I'm going to make some work (or in the case of my last comic) I can spend weeks upon weeks just letting the idea sit and changing it until I come up with a final project. Working on this new story was part planning and part making it up as I went along (since per the rules we weren't allowed to start the event with any ideas or pre-planning). OK, enough talk from me, here's a few pages that I scanned in.  They're mostly finished.


24-Hour Comic Book Day!

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while - but I do have some new stuff to put up soon. Otherwise just a bit of news: I will be participating in 24-Hour Comic Book day tomorrow (or technically today as it's 2:00 in the morning...) at Legends of Superheros in Middlebury, Connecticut.  I'll be there around 10 or 11:00am until 10/11:00am on Sunday.  I'll be working alongside a few other local artists with the goal of each creating a 24-page comic book in just 24 hours... which is CRAZY.

CRAZY-AWESOME that is! Ok time to get some sleep!