Busy Busy Busy

Well I've been pretty busy recently, between working on a few of my own illustration pieces, art for Minion, and some sketches (mostly Adventure Time ones for now...). So here's a quick snapshot of my drawing desk (you'll see more of those drawings in the future).

For my smaller sketches like most of my recent Adventure Time works I've been working on 9x12 Bristol Board, pencil first, and then inks and marker on top. With the larger illustration pieces I've generally been working out sketches, comps, and pencils digitally and printing them out in light blue on 11x17 Bristol Board, on which I then ink, scan the piece, and color digitally. I've tried inking digitally, and even bought Clip Studio Paint EX (also known as Manga Studio - though I believe they are in the process of switching their names over), but nothing beats inking traditionally for me.

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